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Too Faced Sweet Peach Oil Gloss

Glosses that are oil-based are some of my favorites because oil makes glosses a lot less sticky! Recently, I received a sample of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Oil Gloss which can be purchased in full size from Sephora for $13.

This is definitely a great lipgloss, especially if you’re looking for a moisturizing neutral. All of the colors in this range are pretty neutral because the shades are so sheer. So, if you’re looking for a deep colored gloss, this isn’t the range for you. However, this is a great neutral range.

One great thing about this product is that, like most oil-based glosses, this one is not sticky! I don’t know about you, but I hate when lip gloss is sticky. It makes me distracted all day long when my lips are sticky, and I also feel like stickier consistencies make glosses look worse. Sticky glosses somehow make lips look flakier (even when they’re not particularly dry) because they don’t wear evenly. However, this gloss looks great and fades evenly because of it’s oiliness.

Also, like the rest of Too Faced’s Sweet Peach product series, this gloss smells like peach! Now, I can’t say that it smells entirely natural. It smells more like synthetic peach candy, but overall it’s still a really nice scent.

I definitely recommend this one!

What are some glosses you’ve been loving recently? Let me know in the comments section!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss 

I tend to gravitate more towards lipsticks than lip glosses, but I do love the look of a gloss. I like shiny lips, and I love that lip glosses don’t seem to dry out my lips like long-wear lipsticks can. However, I hate when glosses are too sticky in texture. Recently, I was able to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss. These can be purchased from Sephora for $16.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand that rose to fame because of their great eyebrow products, but recently they’ve been putting out more and more other products that are getting rave reviews. I’m so glad that I tried this lip gloss because I’m pretty sure it’s become one of my favorite lip glosses of all time. First, it doesn’t feel very sticky on the lips. My lips just feel a bit slick with moisture after using this gloss, but I don’t find that they feel sticky. Also, the pigmentation is incredible. One little swipe packs a huge punch of color. It totally looks like it has the opacity of a lipstick. Finally, these are incredibly long lasting. After the wet feeling has faded, and even after eating a whole meal, there is still color on my lips – and it still looks even! I’ve been ridiculously impressed by how well this lip gloss works, and I definitely would like to buy more colors.

There are some cons to this product though. For one, the color selection is disappointing and filled only with neutrals and berries. I’d love to see more pink, red, and coral options to round out the line. Also, I don’t care for the smell of the product. It smells like a strange mix of cake batter and chemicals. I can definitely live with the smell, but I just wanted to let everyone know in case you feel very strongly about scents in your makeup products.

Have you tried this gloss? What’s your very favorite lip gloss? Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

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Urban Decay Revolution Lipgloss 

Urban Decay is an awesome brand. They have quality products for reasonable prices, and everything has such great pigmentation. However, they have a tendency to scrap great products and introduce new things in their place, which makes it hard to get attached. Still, that also means that sometimes you can get great deals on their products! Right now, you can get the Urban Decay Revolution Lipgloss from Sephora for only $11.

I went with the shade Scandal (seen above) which is a really dramatic pink. I think it’s really fun and gorgeous. The texture of the gloss is only a little sticky, which I think is a victory for any lipgloss. I will admit that it doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to, and I do find myself having to reapply every few hours. Still, the pigmentation and texture are great, and I’m sad that they’re getting rid of these. Hopefully, something just as awesome will replace them. In the meantime, don’t delay! Get these for half-price before Sephora sells out and they’re gone forever!

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Sephora Oil Infusion Lip Product 

How is it that my lips feel so chapped in both winter and summer? Weather extremes are so harsh on delicate skin, and lips are covered with some of the most sensitive skin on the body. Recently, I’ve found that I’ve become obsessed with oil-based lip products because they are so moisturizing without being sticky! One that I’ve been turning to a lot is the Sephora Oil Infusion Color & Care.

This tube looks like a gloss, and it is very similar to a gloss, but it’s actually an oil-based balm with a concentration of color. It also retails for $14, but recently Sephora put them in the sale section for $7. This is a bad sign and probably means that they’re being discontinued, so you should definitely snag one while you still can. I’d also like to note that even when this product no longer exists, there are some other great lip oils out there (from YSL, Clarins, and more – although, they’re more expensive).

So, this Sephora lip oil glides on so smoothly with the doe foot applicator. It packs a nice punch of color, but it is not as vibrant as the tube might lead you to believe. It’s definitely more pigmented than all other tinted balms I’ve used, but it is not near the full pigment of a lipstick. Still, I love this wash of color for lower key days. For a balm, the color also lasts really well. I definitely have to reapply after eating, but I find that this balm does stain the lips a bit in a really pretty way. Finally, and most importantly, this product is so moisturizing. It leaves my lips feeling soft and supple. In many ways, it looks and feels like a gloss, but there is absolutely no stickiness, which is great because that’s the one thing I consistently dislike about most glosses.

You should definitely buy one before they’re all gone! $7 is a steal. I’ve purchased Pink Granita which is a nice medium pink sheen and Cherry Cocktail which is a gorgeous cool red with blue undertones that suits my skin tone really well.

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Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss – Fancy 

Lipgloss is a deeply personal choice. Some people love the stickiness, and others avoid it completely because they hate sticky lips. Others think the shine is too bold while others want all the shine and glitter imaginable. I happen to love the shine and glitter, but I do often opt for a lipstick instead because I don’t love the stickiness. Still, I’ve found a gloss that does a great job with minimal stickiness: Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss.

This product can be purchased at Sephora for $30, which is a truly gut-wrenching price for a lipgloss. This is definitely a luxury product, but I am glad that I tried it. The one that I have (pictured above) is in the shade Fancy.

I love that this product has a brush instead of a sponge applicator. I feel like this allows for more precision. I’ve also been very impressed by how my lips don’t stick together much when I’m wearing this product. Most glosses, even the very pigmented ones, don’t have much lasting power, but I will say that this product gives a lot of lasting color compared to other glosses.

Overall, this is a great product and the best gloss I’ve tried, but it’s also ridiculously expensive. If you have some extra cash to burn and you want to splurge, then go for it! But if not, don’t feel too bad about skipping this product. It’s still just a lipgloss. I think that most splurging should be reserved for skincare and foundations since those make a more noticeable difference to an overall look. This luxurious gloss isn’t going to make or break a look.

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NYX Butter Gloss 

I feel like lots of beauty blogs love the brand NYX. It’s a very affordable brand that can be found at Ulta. I decided to give their butter glosses a chance since I kept hearing about how wonderful they are when it comes to both pigment and moisturizing abilities.

I picked up two shades from Ulta for $5 a piece, which is very cheap for a lip gloss. I tried them both and just felt incredibly underwhelmed. I kept hearing that they smelled amazing, but I thought they just smelled okay. The pigments were nice but they didn’t last very long. They didn’t seem more moisturizing than other glosses, and my lips weren’t noticeably softer after using this product.

I tried them off and on for about two weeks and just continued feeling overwhelmed. For $5, the product was fine, but they very much felt like they were only worth the $5 I paid. I’ve since tried a few more NYX products since so many beauty bloggers just love them, but I felt the same way about them all. In my opinion, this is a cheap brand that feels cheap. You’re getting what you’re paying for, and I don’t think I’ll be purchasing anything from this brand again. I’ve already given away all of the products I bought and I don’t miss them one bit.

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Why Can’t I Give You Up? 

We all have those products that we don’t use but we can’t bring ourselves to throw away. Sometimes, we keep products out of guilt because they were expensive. Sometimes, we keep products out of nostalgia because they remind us of a special time in our lives.

The one product I never ever wear but I can’t throw away is this extremely sparkly lipgloss from Sephora:

The picture doesn’t even do this one justice. This is chunky lip glitter in the brightest pink imaginable. It looks like it might belong on a porn star, yet this librarian can’t seem to toss it. But why? I can’t remember ever wearing it in public – except for maybe at the mall the day I bought it. It’s not anything spectacular as a gloss and I bought it super cheap on clearance.

Should I just throw it away? What is the shelf life on a lipgloss anyway?

I think that perhaps the reason I can’t get rid of it is that I want to be able to pull it off. I want to make a trashy product classy. But I just don’t think I can – I don’t have the right confidence and charisma to pull it off. But I keep it just in case someday I do.

Do you have a product you can’t part with? Tell me about it in the comments section.