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Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for sticking with me during a kind of disappointing blogmas. I’m back now with a great product that will help battle dry skin: Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. This product can be purchased at Target for about $7.

As far as drugstore lotions go, this is one of my favorites. As the name suggests, it works best on wet skin (so right after you get out of the shower). A little goes a long way, and it really absorbs into the skin so quickly with no greasy residue. I like the version with Monoi Oil because it leaves this light, floral scent behind, but there are other versions as well: coconut oil, argan oil, cherry almond oil, and a natural glow self-tanner.

This is a very lightweight moisturizer that may not be enough to completely eradicate winter dry skin, but it provides a nice base of moisture and then you can spot treat dryer areas with a more powerful lotion. I think this one is perfect for the summer though.

What are your favorite inexpensive lotions? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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Beauty, Skincare

Simple Truth Lavender Eucalyptus Body Lotion 

I am very picky when it comes to body lotion. I want it to dry extremely fast and leave my skin feeling immediately softer. I’ve found some great ones over the years, and I was excited to find another great, inexpensive pick recently: the Simple Truth Lavender Eucalyptus Body Lotion. This product can be purchased from Kroger supermarkets for only $6.

It’s odd thinking about getting body lotion from a grocery store, especially since this is a Kroger exclusive, but as I was browsing, I saw this and thought I’d give it a try. First, the scent is amazing. You can really smell the lavender and eucalyptus and they do not smell overly artificial, which is impressive for such an inexpensive lotion. The scent does fade throughout the day, but it will last for a few hours. Honestly, I’ve been using this one mostly at night though because the scent is so relaxing that it seems perfect for an evening routine.

As I mentioned earlier, I need lotions to dry quickly. I hate when I feel sticky or if I have streaks of white lotion that refuses to absorb. This one has a very thin formula that dries clear and immediately. This is definitely a plus in my book! Now, I will admit that the formula isn’t super moisturizing, so it’s best for people who do not have super dry skin. It moisturizes a bit but is better for maintaining average skin than fixing damaged or cracked skin. It does make my skin feel softer since I’m not currently experiencing very dry skin, but I’m not sure if I’ll use it in the winter.

Overall, I’ve been really impressed by this product. It smells great, dries quickly, and provides a thin layer of moisture that is nice for a daily evening lotion.

Do you have an inexpensive lotion you can’t live without? Please, let me know in the comment section.

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Miss Dior Moisturizing Body Milk

Perfumes are so personal – scents can exude how we’re feeling or how we want to feel. Everyone looks for different things when it comes to scent, but I wanted to share my current favorite scented product: Miss Dior Moisturizing Body Milk. A 6.8 oz bottle can be purchased from Sephora for $52.

This scent makes me feel so feminine and happy. It’s sensual and has notes of Italian mandarin, rose, and patchouli. Overall, the scent is very floral, which I love. I decided to go with the lotion because I feel like scents last longer on my skin when they’re applied in lotion form instead of a traditional perfume or body spray.

While this product is marketed as being very moisturizing, I don’t try to use this as a daily body lotion. I’m afraid that the scent would be overwhelming if you applied it everywhere, and it really isn’t the most moisturizing lotion out there. Rather, I find it best to put on a scentless body lotion everywhere (like Bliss Naked Body Butter), and then follow that up with this lotion just on your pulse points (behind the ears, the inside of your elbows, between the cleavage, and on your wrists). When I do that, the scent seems to last all day long!

What scents are you currently loving? Do you have a signature scent, or do you like to change it up?

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Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Creme 

Winter is the time of dry, scaly skin! I have spent a lot of money on expensive body lotions and creams over the years, and I was so excited to find this inexpensive option at the drugstore: Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Creme.

Full disclosure: I don’t have eczema, so I can’t really say how well this product works for that condition. However, it is AMAZING for general dry skin. Eight ounces will set you back about $7 which is a great deal for body lotion! I’ve spent $40-70 on expensive lotions that didn’t moisturize nearly this well.

One of the great things about this lotion is that a little goes a long way. The product consistency is pretty thick, but it covers a lot of area. It also dries really quickly, which is a huge bonus. I don’t know about you, but I hate feeling sticky after I’ve applied lotion and I’m just waiting for it to dry! This product won’t cause any of that.

The scent is also almost scentless. It does smell like lotion, but it does not come across as overwhelmingly chemical in scent, and the lotion scent does fade pretty quickly. I prefer this because that means I can pair it with any perfume or body spray that I own.

Overall, this is a great price for a great product that everyone really needs in the winter! It has absolutely replaced Bliss Naked Body Butter as my go-to body moisturizer.