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Sunday Riley UFO Acne Treatment Face Oil 

Sunday Riley skincare products are cult favorites with huge followings. Unfortunately, they’re also really expensive so these are the types of products I always secretly hope won’t work with my skin so that I’m not tempted to buy them. That was actually true for the first few products I tried, but I have sadly fallen in love with the Sunday Riley UFO Ultra-Clarifying Acne Treatment Face Oil. This oil retails at Sephora and similar retailers for $40 for half of an ounce. That’s right. Half of an ounce.

First, I will issue a warning. This product smells BAD. It’s very overpowering and kind of smells like rancid oregano. Whenever I use it, I immediately have to moisturize with my Dr. Jart+ Tiger Grass Cream so that it can cover up the scent. However, this product works so well and has really helped my acne. Thankfully, you can use just a little bit and it will cover your whole face. The applicator is an eyedropper, and you probably only need half of the dropper or less to cover the whole face. It’s very easy to work into the skin, and it’s not a very harsh product so it won’t dry out the skin. In fact, since it’s an oil, it’s pretty moisturizing all on its own.

This serum is jam-packed with amazing skincare ingredients. In this product, the main ingredient for fighting acne is salicylic acid, but it also contains gems such as tea tree oil, black cumin seed oil (both of which fight acne), and licorice (which is good for brightening complexion). To nourish the skin and combat dryness, it also includes cucumber seed oil, chamomile, and neroli. Overall, I’ve been ridiculously impressed with this product, and I’m glad that, at least compared to other Sunday Riley products, it’s not the most expensive.

What skincare products have you been loving lately? Please, let me know in the comments section!

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Sunday Riley Good Genes 

First of all, I’d like to start this blog post by saying that I have never been so happy to dislike a product, but more of that to come…

I received a sample of Sunday Riley’s Good Genes in my last Play! box from Sephora. The Sunday Riley brand has a huge cult following right now. Skincare addicts of all sorts are absolutely obsessed with this brand, and I was so happy to see this was in my Play! box so that I could see what all the hype was about!

Is the cult following wrong?

This product is supposed to be a powerhouse in the skincare world. It claims to be anti-aging while fading dark spots. I was excited to try this product because AHA acids (like lactic acid – a main ingredient in this product) are supposed to be great for fading and filling in acne scars. I, unfortunately, have quite a few acne scars on my face, and I’m desperate for them to disappear.

I said earlier that I was so glad that this product didn’t work for me. That is because it is $105 for just 1 oz of product. That is really expensive, and it does not fit comfortably in my skincare budget. So, I was just a little pleased when I experienced an unpleasant stinging sensation each time I put this on my face. I was also just a little excited to see clusters of red bumps and a few zits on my chin and cheeks the day after using this product. I tried it on four occasions and each morning, my skin looked worse.

Now, this may still be an amazing product for some. I’m sure there’s a reason this product and brand have such a huge following. I think the most likely scenario is that this is made for skin that is more mature than my own. Still, $105 for 1 oz of product is hefty for most budgets. I’m just afraid that had this been the miracle product I’ve been looking for, I would have given up other things (like food and extra lipstick) in order to buy a steady supply. My wallet and fiance are both very glad I dodged that bullet!

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Sephora Spring Sale!

Hi there, fellow beauty junkies! Guess what? Sephora‘s semi-annual sale is almost here!!!!!

If you are a VIB or VIB Rouge, you should be receiving 15% off! The sale begins for VIB Rouge members on Thursday April 7th and for VIB Members on Friday April 8th. The sale will continue through Wednesday the 13th.

So, what should we buy?

I am feeling pretty well-stocked on the makeup front. However, I would like to take this opportunity to stock up on some skincare products – specifically, I want to try some Peter Thomas Roth and Dr. Jart+ products! I think my bestie has also convinced me to try the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray.

Many beauty bloggers have been talking up the extremely expensive brand Sunday Riley, so this may be your perfect opportunity to score some for a discount!

Let me know in the comment section what you plan on picking up during the sale!

And, dear readers, please help me with something after this sale. I feel like I have so many new products and product samples that I really need to work though before I buy anything else. So, after participating in this sale, I plan on going on a spending sabbatical until I feel like I’ve worked through and reviewed most of my current collection. So, if I casually mention buying a beauty/skincare product after April 7th, please shame me a little either here or on twitter. I need to be held accountable.

(P.S. – I just would like to publicly admit that every time I end a blog post, I sincerely want to end it with: “XOXO – Gossip Girl.” I really miss that show.)